Rast­Port designs and man­u­fac­tures ac­cesor­ies and ex­pan­sions for Amiga com­puters.



Long-life products and right to repair

Rast­Port sup­ports ideas of pro­du­cing long-life products and right to re­pair them. Retro com­puters them­selves are a proof that elec­tron­ic devices may be used for tens of years. Rast­Port products do not use any planned ob­sol­es­cence tricks. We use only high qual­ity, long-life com­pon­ents.

Right to re­pair is an­oth­er idea well known to ret­ro­com­put­ing hob­by­ists. Rast­Port's products are de­signed to be eas­ily re­pair­able. En­clos­ures are easy to dis­as­semble and as­semble back. We do not use glue­ing, weld­ing, and oth­er un­demount­able joints. We also sup­port in­de­pend­ent re­pair ser­vices by pub­lish­ing schem­at­ic dia­grams and not us­ing any hard­ware ob­fus­ca­tion tech­niques.


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