KA12 – Serial port MIDI interface



General view on KA12 interface. Lower side of serial port DB25 plug. Upper side of serial port DB25 plug. Two die cast DIN5 plugs. DB25 plug with one half of enclosure taken off. Shows PCB inside.

Short manual

Schematic diagram

KA12 schematic diagram

The following files and data related to KA12 serial port MIDI interface by Grzegorz Kraszewski are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Project files

Bill of materials

U1Dual RS232 transmitter/receiver; MAX232A, ST232C or equivalent; SO161
U2+5 V fixed voltage regulator; ST78L05 or equivalent; SO81
U3Optocoupler; IL207 or MOC207; SO81
D1Switching diode; 1N4148; 12061
C1-C6MLCC capacitor; 100 nF, 50 V, X7R, ±10%; 12066
C7MLCC capacitor; 100 pF, 50 V, C0G, ±10%; 12061
R1, R3, R4Thick film resistor; 220 Ω, 0.25 W, ±5%; 12063
R2Thick film resistor; 3.3 kΩ, 0.25 W, ±5%; 12061
CN1D-Sub 25 pin female plug, for cable1
CN1D-Sub 25 pin shell1
Data transmission cable, LiYCY 2 × 0.25 mm², braided shield3 m
DIN 5 plug, Rean NYS3222
Heat shrink tube 1.6 mm, black16 mm
Heat shrink tube 4.8 mm, black90 mm
Heat shrink tube 4.8 mm, red90 mm
Plastic transparent fuel pipe 7/10 mm30 mm