KA 59 – Mechanical keyboard for Amiga 1200


KA59 is a mechanical keyboard replacement for Amiga 1200. It is a complete replacement, no parts from original keyboard are needed. KA59 has been tested with original A1200 enclosures and ones from a1200.net project.



KA59 keyboard, top view, black keycaps, US layout. KA59 keyboard, top view, gray and white keycaps, US layout.

Customization options

Keycap color set

There are two color sets available:

See photos above.


One of three different kinds of switches may be selected. Colors indicate mechanical characteristics of switches.

Language layout

Customer can select one of 11 language layouts:


Keyboard connector of Amiga 1200. Keyboard membrane tail connected.

Step 1: Remove the Amiga upper cover. Start from unscrewing 5 screws from the bottom of the Amiga (3 short, 2 long on the sides). Then pull up the cover from the front side, so back side plastic clips disengage easily. Disconnect LED cable harness, so the upper cover can be put away.

Step 2: Locate a white keyboard connector on the Amiga mainboard. Green membrane tail from the keyboard is connected to it. Do not pull the membrane tail yet, it is locked with a clamp. Release the clamp by pulling it up, as shown with red arrows.

Keyboard connector of Amiga 1200. Keyboard membrane tail connected. Tail clamp unlocked.

Step 3: Gently pull the membrane tail out of the connector. Then move the keyboard a bit to the rear of the Amiga and take it out.

Keyboard connector of Amiga 1200 without membrane tail.

Step 4: Connector clamp is not needed for KA59, so it should be removed. The plug board of KA59 cable has thickness matched precisely to the connector. The clamp can be dismounted by gently wiggling it in Amiga front-rear direction and pulling it up at the same time. Store the clamp in a safe place. It may be needed when changing keyboard back to original one.

Keyboard connector of Amiga 1200 without a clamp. KA59 plug prepared to install.

Step 5: Prepare to insert the KA59 ribbon cable plug into the connector. Gold plated contacts of the plug should be facing the rear of the Amiga.

Keyboard connector of Amiga 1200 with KA59 plug inserted.

Step 6: Insert the plug now and push it down. Before applying force make sure the plug is aligned horizontally with the connector.

Top view of Amiga 1200 with KA59 keyboard in place and ribbon cable not yet connected.

Step 7: Now put KA59 keyboard inside the Amiga, starting from the bottom edge. Bottom brackets should go under four plastic holders.

View on KA59 main connector with ribbon cable plugged in.

Step 8: Connect the keyboard end of the ribbon cable. The connector is keyed, so it can be done only one way.

Step 9: Installation is complete. Put the upper Amiga cover back, connecting back the LED cable harness. Latch plastic clips on the rear, then turn the Amiga upside down and screw back 5 screws removed in step 1. Keyboard is ready to work.

User Manual

Adjusting CapsLock LED color

KA59 keyboard features RGB LED for CapsLock key. Therefore color of this LED can be adjusted by user. Adjustment is done by turning three potentiometers placed at the upper edge of the keyboard (see photo below). Potentiometers should be turned using a screwdriver with Philips 0 (PH0) tip. Please do not use random tools instead, as it may damage potentiometers. Each of potentiometers adjusts one color component, as written below them.

Fragment of keyboard with three blue potentiometers and F2, F3, F4 and F5 keys.