KA02 – External PCMCIA adapter


KA02 is a PCMCIA adapter for Amiga 1200 in standard, desktop case. With the adapter, PCMCIA card is placed vertically along the Amiga side, and occupies much less place on the desk. For Ethernet cards, the cable goes to the rear of the Amiga. Bulky cards with built-in RJ45 connector may be used with KA02 without any problem.

KA02 uses high quality socket with gold plated pins of different lengths, as required by PCMCIA standard, so it retains hotplug feature of PCMCIA. Therefore cards may be inserted in KA02 socket when Amiga is turned on. Also KA02 itself (with or without a card) may be connected to Amiga with power being on.

All the 68 pins are connected one to one, so KA02 should work with any type of Amiga compatible PCMCIA card. It has been succesfully tested with many models of network cards and CF adapters.



White version, left side view. White version inserted in Amiga 1200 PCMCIA slot with network card connected. White version, bottom view. White version, top-left view. White version, top-right view. Adapter inserted in Amiga 1200 PCMCIA slot, top view. Black version, left side view. Black version, right side view. Black version, bottom view.