Tech Blog – Native GCC Pack

In the old good times installation of GCC compiler on Amiga was not an easy task. Now GCC Pack makes it easy with Installer script. It installs native (both hosted on and targetted to m68k-amigaos architecture) GCC 2.95.3. Then it integrates it with AmigaOS 3.2 NDK.

Are you sure?

A few words before downloading. Developing for Amiga on Amiga (especially on a real hardware) is for patient people. Most people developing for Amiga just use cross-compilers. Why?

Still here?

GCC-Pack is distributed as a LhA archive. Installation is easy, unpack it, then click the "Install" icon. It starts the standard Amiga Installer program.

IMPORTANT: GCC-Pack requires AmigaOS Native Developer Kit (NDK) v3.2R4 archive, as it extracts system header files and autodocs from it. Download the NDK from Hyperion Entertainment website and move to Amiga disk.

GCC-Pack 0.3 (5.9 MB)

Installation options

The installation script offers a set of optional modules.

Set of GCC Pack installation options.

Options choice depends on your decision on using standard C library (called clib) in your programs. If unsure, leave all options on. Usage of clib in particular project is controlled by compiler options (given in makefile usually). Not installing some options just saves disk space, if you are short of it. Short explanation of options:

I plan to write more about GCC and libc in a separate article.

Version history

0.3 (29.03.2024)

0.2 (26.01.2024)

0.1 (24.01.2024)